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Studio TARWiki - Episode 1: TAR Scope Performance

Definition, Mitigation and Control

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Episode 1

  TAR Scope Performance   

Advando is Accelerating Sustainable Operations.

We do this by realizing our brand promise ZERO DELAY.

Together with our clients we continuously improve and learn. This means being decisive, open minded and not falling back on tried-and-true ways. Being prepared to meet the next challenge when it arrives. Advando is helping clients to learn better and faster. To break the paradox and adapt.

That is why, every other month, we will launch a new topic to reflect on. We follow a pattern. A path, which reaches a climax through a live and online event.

All thought leaders, practitioners and experts who believe in continuous learning are invited to join us in our first online event on December 2nd, named:

'Studio TARWiki - Episode 1: TAR Scope Performance'.


Ted Lister

Ted Lister is a specialist in the field of asset management related to production performance across the mining and energy sectors—specific to maintenance/reliability shutdowns, turnarounds and outages—with a passion for people and change management. With years of international lessons-learned experience and best-practice knowledge, Ted works to educate stakeholders on asset management methodologies and technology—the value of ones & zeros—with a keen interest in establishing a collaborative work environment through digitalization of business processes to reduce risk, cost and production losses.

Herman van Tellingen

Herman van Tellingen is a retired construction specialist with 43 year experience in projects. Herman started in the offshore and the last 33 years he has been working as a Subject Matter Expert in the Petrochemical Industry at Dow Chemical.  Those projects were all over the globe, and he gained a lof of experience. He now likes to share his experience with the next generation, through the Advando TARWiki and Advando Academy. 


Niels Saman

Niels Saman is Site Turnaround Manager at Dow Benelux B.V. in Terneuzen. After getting his BSc in Mechanical Engineering, he started his career with a traineeship at Stork, where he got his first taste of Turnarounds. He then went on to hold several job positions at BP and Gunvor Chemicals, before joining Dow in 2019. With this much experience in Turnarounds, we are glad Niels is joining us as a guest in our first episode of Studio TARWiki.                             

Johan van der Schelling

Johan van der Schelling is a Scope & Systems Lead at Shell Nederland Chemie B.V. He has a passion for applying Lean principles and ESSA, and is an expert in scope management, detailed schedule reviews and estimate reviews for major projects and Turnarounds. This expertise, combined with over 20 years of experience in the petrochemical industry, makes Johan a great addition to our table at Studio TARWiki.


2 December 2021
13:00 14:30 CET


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